a stylish brand with attitude!

Accessories in pure silver 925 contrasted with modern lines and adapted to the day to day.

It was created with the intention of encouraging women to wear pure silver instead of accessories of poor quality.

Silver is a noble material and, although more expensive, it also has an unparalleled beauty and durability!

Who created this brand? An unlikely pair of a 19 years old girl and a lady of 48 years old at the time!

Different ages, different experiences that complement each other and created Prataconcept as it is today.

Prataconcept is for independent and vain women with a bold attitude! We want to treat our customers, bring them fashion in the form of quality jewelry that they can use every day. We love to use accessories, but it’s a problem when we work, we have accelerated rhythms of life, kids and we do not have time to take the necessary care with some of them and suddenly … they are already unuseful!
Silver doesn’t have this problem! It looks better, requires less care and still has incomparable durability.

The pieces you use daily are the ones that need more attention!”